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Dreams March 10, 2010

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People have different types of dreams.  There are the dreams that people have every night, or there is the dream that people have for their life.  Dreams can be anything you want them to be.  To some people, they can seem small, like keeping a plant to live for a month, but it could be something as big as planing a family.  It is all the priority of the holder of the dream.

It is important to dream.  Sometimes dreaming can help you lift your spirits when you are having a rough day, by thinking of something positive that you enjoy.  It is enough to give you an escape.  People have recommended dreaming when in the pain of labour, by imagining that you are climbing a mountain at the peak of the contractions.  Dreaming can be a method of relaxation, by imagining that you are on a sandy beach listening to the ocean waves ripple up beside you.

I admit my dreams have changed over time, just like anyone else’s have.  When I graduated from College, I wanted to get an accounting designation.  Then just before I got married, I decided that the accounting designation wasn’t in my dream any more.  But having a family was my dream, and I decided to back out of the getting the accounting designation.  At the time, some people thought I was crazy for dropping out of the program, but it didn’t matter to me, it was my dream.

Now I have always had a dream of having a cottage by the lake, but I realize that this will always be a dream and that is where it will remain.  I know that I can always escape to this place when I am having a rough time, and need to relax and try and quiet my mind.  I envision the beautiful flower gardens full of roses,  and the peace and quiet of nature with no one around, and the sound of water flowing around me.  It is my dream, and no one can destroy the beauty of it.

Even if your dream is a goal for your life, or if it is to remain a dream that you escape to, don’t give up dreaming.  Just remember that dreams do change as you change, and as your needs in life change.  Don’t be discouraged if people laugh and make fun of you for your dreams, for it is what is important to you that matters.  If it gives peace, and makes you smile for a few minutes a day, then it can be worth it.